Barcelona?New York?

Today my post is in English, for the English followers that I do have or just for the pleasure of writing in this fantastic language. Anyway yesterday on my way to work I thought I was in NY, really how amazing the mix of people!!, CITYSUMMERS, described us the future consumption of the citizens. The city models drive to multicultural cities based on tourism, shopping, culture and entrepreneurs (I’ll place here Barcelona and New York) or cities based on industrial production (Hong kong, Singapur, South Corea) also multicultural in any case.

Word has turn plane and we are getting mixed, for this I had the feeling, for a moment, of being in NY and i felt release because the only  way to get connected off is by living together.

My experience with a Vietnamese daughter and on my way to the second, and the effort to get to know the oriental culture has enriched me so much that …Yes Please!! get mixed, get to know each other.. with no fear, our human combination makes us stronger..

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!!


Acerca de yolandaibz

Yolanda was born in Ibiza, she founded a PR Agency called Equipo Singular , actually she combines the Marketing Direction of Adlib Fashion with the launching of a new film from Ibiza "El Secreto de Ibosim". She has two daughters from Vitetnam, therefore she's a frequent Asia's traveller with collaborations' projects in Vietnam. Her point of live is "the world is flat" meaning that we are all at the same level, no matter the income and no matter where do we came from...Arts' enthusiastic and human rights fighter :-)
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