GEOLOCATION!! what’s new?

The power of GeolocationGood morning! Today I’d like to talk about, GEOLOCATION, as the humans’ new control , on one hand we do find “war uses”, on the other hand mysterious citizens control uses, like the Beijing Gouvernment, that will use the Smart phones GPS of 17 million s citizens to contro traffic!!  You believe it?

From the beginning I have felt very precautious about using the Geolocation App, maybe because, due to my 20th years carrier on off line PR and Communication Strategist, I’ve been very serious about keeping my privacy away from work. What is happening now? Under my prespective gouvernments have a powerful tool for controlling people, and it seems they have star to use it.

So JUST BE AWARE of what is happening, On line word means freedom for people, but…. again we do step on YIN AND YANG concept..We can’t have all and the freedom also brings control.

Just by being aware of what’s happening , we gain power!!

Have a wonderful Sunday 😀


Acerca de yolandaibz

Yolanda was born in Ibiza, she founded a PR Agency called Equipo Singular , actually she combines the Marketing Direction of Adlib Fashion with the launching of a new film from Ibiza "El Secreto de Ibosim". She has two daughters from Vitetnam, therefore she's a frequent Asia's traveller with collaborations' projects in Vietnam. Her point of live is "the world is flat" meaning that we are all at the same level, no matter the income and no matter where do we came from...Arts' enthusiastic and human rights fighter :-)
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  1. Tailynn dijo:

    It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with exepetisr.


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