Travelling learning!!

Travelling around, good morning today my short post is going to be dedicated to all my english speaking friends that lives all around the world. Thanls to them my mind opens and by getting in touch with all, I keep learing, enjoying and growing as a person. Thanks to Laura, Virginnie, Rojelio, Noemi, Cecilia, Ngoc, Ann Helene… and all this fantastic people I have meet abroad or simply are living away, Eduardo, Mireia.. by travelling you learn , by learning you understand, by understanding you get to respect the others’ point of view.

We have to travel on holidays, by doing business you learn but not so much, by enoying your time away form your rutine you learn twice more.

London is certainly on of my favourite cities in the world that I share with you all.

Have a fantastic week end!!!!


Acerca de yolandaibz

Yolanda was born in Ibiza, she founded a PR Agency called Equipo Singular , actually she combines the Marketing Direction of Adlib Fashion with the launching of a new film from Ibiza "El Secreto de Ibosim". She has two daughters from Vitetnam, therefore she's a frequent Asia's traveller with collaborations' projects in Vietnam. Her point of live is "the world is flat" meaning that we are all at the same level, no matter the income and no matter where do we came from...Arts' enthusiastic and human rights fighter :-)
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